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Patient testimonials

Dr. Wilson

December 2014


You're the doctor who figured out what fooled five or six others, which was the actual cause of the pain I had near my left kidney! -D

April 2014 

I returned from the University of Texas with a continued clean bill of health. It has been six years now since you performed my RPLND surgery. When I was faced with cancer and zero chance of survival with my Malignant Leydig Cell Tumor, you went above and beyond to treat me and take special interest in my care. Without your help I would not be here today, and I wish to thank you again for your professionalism, skill and dedication to your patients. I am very fortunate to be alive and I have you to thank for it. Thank you again for your remarkable skills, passion and caring. You saved my life! -M.W.

March 2018

Many of us have two birthdays. Alcoholics have their date of birth and the day they started their sobriety. You have the date of your birth and when you married your soul mate. I too have two birthdays: when I was born and when you gave me the gift of life by skillfully operating on my bladder tumor. It is impossible to thank you enough for giving me more time on this earth. Hopefully I can thank you for many more years. Even having these 5 years has been a blessing. I'm sure glad you channeled your talents from being a ballerina to a wonderful caring surgeon. -J.M.

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